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Notable Clients

Our global client list includes the following companies:

Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems

Millerchip Software Ltd. was contracted to help develop the software side of a custom embedded ARM device that Ultra had developed. Areas we worked on included:

  • Changes to the Linux kernel to allow it to run on Ultra's device
  • Developed device drivers for various chips present in the device
  • Created a custom firmware boot sequence that allowed the device to be reflashed from an SD card or webpage with no console present
  • Developed custom video streaming software (based on gstreamer) that included a full KLV metadata caching and multiplexing system
  • Developed a custom build system that allowed a firmware image to be compiled and created with one command

CheckFree Corporation / Fiserv

Millerchip Software Ltd. has extensive and in-depth experience of the Accurate NXG operational risk management software sold by CheckFree ( and we work closely with them and their customers on many aspects of the package.

We have previously provided assistance in configuring the software at customer installations across the globe, including the Australia-Pacific region, the UK, mainland Europe and the United States.

We also provide consultancy services including input into the requirements and design phases of proposed new software developments. Our experience in this area has encompassed many software platforms (including Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux) and many databases (including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase ASE and DB2).

Jefferies International Ltd.

London, UK

Millerchip Software Ltd. provided consultancy services to Jefferies International Limited on all aspects of using, configuring, deploying and upgrading their Accurate NXG reconciliation system. We helped Jefferies to leverage their existing investment in the Accurate NXG platform, assisting with the process of automating manual processes that currently exist within the organisation. We have delivered significant speedups (with associated cost savings) and helped ensure regulatory compliance.

CACEIS Bank Deutschland GmbH

Munich, Germany

Millerchip Software Ltd. is currently assisting CACEIS Bank Deutschland GmbH in expanding the scope of their existing Accurate NXG reconciliation system, streamlining their approach to reconciliation throughout their global organisation.

Lazard Capital Markets

New York, USA

Millerchip Software Ltd. provides consultancy services to Lazard Capital Markets on various aspects of their existing Accurate NXG reconciliation system.

BoxSentry Pty Ltd.


Millerchip Software Ltd. works closely with BoxSentry, providing cross-platform development expertise and consultancy. We are actively involved in developing components of their award-winning RealMail software in C++, including graphical user interfaces that run under both Windows and Linux.



Winchester, UK

Millerchip Software Ltd. worked with IBM UK to port various pieces of software written in C/C++ to the HP-UX 11.23i Itanium platform.

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