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ParentEve is a powerful scheduling system that organises parents' evenings.

ParentEve has its own website which explains more about the product and how it can dramatically reduce the time and expense needed to arrange a complicated parents' evening. Please click the product logo on the left to learn more about the software.

Automation is a software suite that makes it easy to automate tasks on your personal machine or on servers, saving you both time and money. Amongst its many features are:

  • Easy to use: job definitions are shown in plain English, making it easy to see what is going on
  • Timer support: you can start jobs at any time of day, at regular intervals, at specified days of the week or days of the month and so on. It supports all the timing features of operating system schedulers such as cron, meaning you can upgrade your existing job schedules to use Automation easily.
  • Job control: it can start jobs whenever other jobs finish. Jobs can start on exit, on success, on failure and whenever specific error codes are seen. This allows the system to respond to failures and events automatically, for instance by sending emails when a job fails.
  • File processing: the system can wait for files to appear and then run commands on each file that it finds. You can easily automate the processing of files that get created, for example web server logfiles, network logs, reports, automatically received bank data such as SWIFT MT950 files and many more.
  • Cross-platform: it runs on Windows, Linux and other versions of Unix

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